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New Beginnings

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Often times, change happens when we aren’t looking for it nor expecting it. After rowing in the ocean of time for so long, we will look back and no longer see the shore, only to feel a large wave come and capsize the boat of familiarity. Plunging into those murky, dark waters of is never pleasant – especially when it was not our choice, but rather life upending our accepted norms.

This is where perspective reigns supreme.

We can spend time sloshing about, fighting the waves and currents trying to return to the boat of familiarity where we feel safe. Or, we can allow ourselves to be caught up in those waves and currents and see where they may take us. Perhaps changing tides will allow us to arrive in a place that is safer, more fulfilling than the boat ever was.

Change is something we should all embrace. It is a necessary part of life that often times brings more reward than risk, provided you give the proper amount of time and effort to the opportunity. Too often we spend time fighting against change without realizing often times subtle shifts in what we do and how we do it often yields the best results.

Think about how even relatively recent and simple progressions have changed our lives? Vinyl records, to 8 Track, to cassette tapes, to CDs, to now digital music. Think about even how simple an evolution such as this makes monumental leaps in how we view and interact with our world.

From time to time, perhaps we should all consider how to simply jump out of the boat into those dark waters versus waiting for life to spill us in. Maybe the things we want most will be found riding the tides of tomorrow.

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