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"Red Star (Ryan H.) served and continues to serve me/my startup as a mentor, advisor and cheerleader. The insights and advice received throughout our process have helped steer my decisions about my web and social media presence to the best possible versions of themselves. It was nice being able to call or text anytime I had an idea or question and have Ryan H. available and engaged as if he was an equity partner in my venture. Ryan H. was always honest, fair and provided candid feedback, which I believe truly led us to our best product without wasted time and resources. I'm thankful to have Red Star (Ryan H.) in my corner and would recommend their service to anyone wanting to have a meaningful relationship and support system from a local business."

 Ryan M. Rainer, Owner - RMR Construction LLC

"I hired Red Star Consulting after putting out a request for help through a website service. I hired Red Star because out of all the replies I received, they did research before replying to me, and the offer to help felt friendly and genuine. That initial take proved to be correct after I enlisted their help on revamping my nearly decade old site.  Red Star Consulting always did their research, and were untiringly friendly and genuine. Not only did they help me with the tricky logistics involved in updating things, but they also have a wonderful eye for design; creating my new logo, adding stunning visual elements that were perfectly on pitch for my website and brand.  Ryan and his team are dedicated, extremely hardworking, and unflaggingly helpful. If they don't know the answer to something, they will go away and find out.  Then Ryan always talked with me about the best solutions, and was willing to switch gears if something wasn't working. 

I proudly display the Red Star Consulting logo on my website. Thanks to Ryan and Red Star Consulting, my small business is able to pivot to new opportunities and take advantage of new technologies like never before."

 - Dana Rovang, Ph.D., Founder - Obscure Histories

"Ryan from Red Star Consulting and I worked together on numerous projects.  Most recently I was in a bind and needed professional assistance for a client merging to a new platform that required hands-on technical assistance.  I referred Ryan at Red Star Consulting and within 24-hours he was caught-up to speed and involved in the project. He is organized, professional, and most of all, reliable! I look forward to working with Ryan in the future! Thank you again Ryan for all your help!"

 - Tara Soles, & Independent Contractor


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